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18th century, Colonial-era

Members of Tapestry, enjoying the Willliamsburg Ball

Lending a helping hand to a lady

Formal portrait- John and Lynn Symborski

Dancing on the green to celebrate Spring

Teaching 18th century dance for Family Day at Winterthur Museum

Colonial country dancing in Haverford, PA, at the Grange

A Masqued Holiday Ball, at Pottsgrove Manor

At a Yuletide celebration

The Ensemble in a formal performance

Regency programs and performances

Ready for an elegant afternoon, dancing for the Darcy's wedding

Informal summer dancing

"Gentlemen circle the Ladies"
- the "Splendid Shilling"

A Waltz Cotillion

A Regency promenade

A Lady

at leisure,

between dances


Outdoors in Fairmount Park,

Philadelphia, Sweetbriar Mansion

Dances of Jane Austen's era at Winterthur Museum

Pouvez-vous pousette ? Nous pouvons!
Can you Pousette? We can! - the Pousette figure in The North Down Waltz

Teaching dances of Jane Austen's time to book club members


Victorian Times.... and Turn of the Century 'Ragtime'

Civil War Heritage dance event

At Tapestry's annual Harvest Social, 2007

The Grand March begins a formal ballroom performance

Promenade All!

A lively polka down the center!

Fashionable ladies, sitting out a dance


Late Victorian dance presentation

Swirling skirts in a quick turn!


.... and Turn of the Century 'Ragtime'

A gaggle of Gibson girls and guys


Ragtime dances for a summers evening


The sequence dance "Veleta"


Dancing the Teddy Bears' Picnic dance - with real Teddy Bears!


Renaissance revelry

Ready for 12th Night festivities!

With a feathered friend at Twelfth Night Festival in Allentown, PA

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